All hillclimb machines must have a working front brake and a working kill switch(cannot be elastic and must kill the engine when rider's wrist moves 36" from the handlebar).
All riders must also have a helmet, long sleeve shirt,
pants and boots.
Also, all ATV's must be equipped with working
front and rear brakes.
If you do not have these you will not be able to compete.

For the complete 2014 AMA Rules
(hillclimb on pgs 106-108)
(youth rules on pgs 100-102)
click here

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This page was last updated: January 17, 2015
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Congratulations to all the 2014 New England Champions!

We look forward to the 2015 Season!

2015 Schedule posted on schedule page
Also check out the Classes and Entry Fees page
for changes made to the line up and entry fees.

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